The history of Hotel Hvide Hus Koege...

With a unique location by the sea, and near Copenhagen,
Hotel Hvide Hus in Koege was built in 1966 amongst
beautiful nature surroundings. The hotel was built by
Aage V. Jensens, whose aim was to build hotels in areas
with beautiful nature, and cities needs for development
within tourism. Aage V. Jensen often proclaimed his joyfulness
building the Hvide Hus hotels in wonderfully
selected locations all over Denmark.

Aage V. Jensen originates from Aalborg, where he practised
as carpenter and later to become self-employed businessman.
He became one of Denmark’s most wealthy
men, yet he was also one of the most modest persons in
regards to his lifestyle. When Aage. V. Jensen passed away,
his entire fortune went to a foundation whose mission is
to secure the nature and protect nature and sceneries.

In 2007 Hotel Hvide Hus in Koege was taken over by
Helnan International Hotel, a Scandinavian hotel chain
with headquarters in Denmark. The corporation is founded
by Enan Galaly assigned by title ”Knight of
Dannebrog” by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of
Denmark, whom today after a resptectful career in the
hotel and tourism industry, owns and operates several five

and four star hotels in different parts of the world. The
majority of Enan Galaly’s career was within The Hvide
Hus Chain, that now became Helnan Group and he will
continue to operate this hotel as a first class international
hotel, with conference and banquet facilities, restaurant,
bar, parking, fitness room and more than 136 rooms and

With its unique location next to the sea, beaches, forests,
castles, activities such as Golf and theme parks, and only
30 min driving to the Copenhagen downtown, and approximately
the same to the airport Hotel Hvide Hus Koege
is a very attractive location whether it is for business,
conventions or leisure, or to host cultural events as
concerts, theatre etc.

With their slogan of “Symbol of Scandinavian
Hospitality”, Helnan beautifully combines quality with
service, elegant accommodation with various facilities, and
through its know-how and future visions as well as investments
in landmark hotels, Helnan International Hotels try
hard to keeps themselves ahead and on top of their guests
needs in all their hotels.

With the slogan “Symbol of Scandinavian Hospitality”
Helnan International Hotels combines quality, service, elegant accommodation, and facilities to
meet every need and desire, whether it is for business, leisure, or conventions.

Hotel Hvide Hus -  Strandvejen 111 - 4600 Køge - Telefon: (+45) 56653690 - Fax: (+45) 56663314